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[ Thursday, Feb. 6, 1992 ]


Police evaluating case of missing woman
Collegian Staff Writer


Although the body of one of three missing area women was found in December, police still do not know the cause of her death.

The body of Josette Rose Brungart of Rebersburg was found Dec. 10 in a wooded area in Walker Township, Rockview State Police Cpl. George Pelipesky said.

But the autopsy on Brungart, which was done at the Smithsonian Institute of Forensic Anthropology in Washington, D.C., indicated no evidence of foul play in her death, Rockview State Police Trooper Sally Brown said.

Police must now wait for the results of tests done on Brungart's clothing, Brown said. The test results were due back a month ago from the Harrisburg State Police Crime Lab.

The tests search for trace evidence or other signs that could indicate if foul play was involved in the case, Brown said.

Brown is unsure whether the tests will find anything.

She said she considers Brungart's death to be more unique than suspicious because there was no evidence of foul play in the area where the body was found and her disappearance was not reported immediately.

"It's strange for a person to go out and die of natural causes," Brown said. "But she was not really considered to be physically fit, and she suffered from blood clots and blackouts."

Brungart disappeared on the morning of June 10, 1991, after she had an argument with her husband on state Route 64 and walked away from him. The two were delivering newspapers at the time.

No one reported seeing Brungart after that, Pelipesky said.

Two other women reported missing -- Katherine Heckel and Brenda Condon -- have not been found.

Heckel of Mill Hall disappeared during her lunch break on July 15, 1991. She was working at the International Paper Co.'s Hammermill Plant in Lock Haven at the time.

There are no suspects and no leads in her disappearance, said Sgt. Daniel Wilt of the Lock Haven State Police.

Condon disappeared on Feb. 27, 1991, from Carl's Bad Tavern in Spring Township where she was working. Her car was left in the bar's parking lot and her boots were found in the men's restroom.

There are no suspects or leads in Condon's disappearance, Pelipesky said.