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Centre Daily

[February 2006?]

After 15 years, family seeks closure
By Pete Bosak

Brenda Louise Condon should be celebrating her 44th birthday Wednesday.

But Monday marks another anniversary in Condon's life or, perhaps, her death. It has been 15 years since anyone has seen or heard from her.

Her cowboy boots were found in the men's room of the former Carl's Bad Tavern in Spring Township, where she was working as a bartender the night of Feb. 26, 1991. The next morning, her car was still parked outside the bar, off state Route 550.

But Condon, a mother of two, was gone.

State police, who took over the investigation into Condon's disappearance in 1997, are still searching for her. They admit, though, that she likely is dead and likely the victim of foul play.

"Obviously, if Ms. Condon is still alive, we would like to know that," Trooper Joseph Cigich said. "But if she met with some kind of untimely demise and her remains were discarded and not yet identified, we're trying to help the family come to some sort of closure."

Police also want to nab whoever was responsible.

Condon was last seen by patrons about 12:45 a.m. Feb. 27, 1991. Later that morning, the bar was found unlocked and unattended, with no signs of a struggle or indication of what had happened to her.

Now, 15 years later, Condon's sister, Iris Myers, of Clearfield, said she has no illusions that the missing woman, who was 28 when she vanished, is going to turn up.

"She's not going to make that call," Myers said. "We want to find her remains and give her a proper burial, as everyone deserves, and to find the person or persons who did this and make sure their fate is worse than death itself.

"Because they're still out there walking around, they're enjoying their families. She has two grandchildren she never even knew about. Whoever they are, they've enjoyed their lives for the past 15 years. They have not lived through the h**l we have lived through, are still living through."

Condon's children, Todd and Shauna, are 27 and 25, respectively, and reside outside the region.

Myers said her sister was a loving mother and had a vivacious and outgoing personality that helped her befriend everyone she met.

Myers and police are hoping that, with the anniversary Monday, someone will come forward with information.

Family members recently gave blood to police, which is being used to create a mitochondrial DNA profile of Condon. Condon's DNA profile -- police do not have an actual DNA sample from her -- will be entered into a national database and compared with unidentified human remains that have been found.

Anyone with information on what happened to Condon is asked to call Cigich at the state police barracks at Rockview at 355-7545.

Tipsters can also offer help anonymously by calling Centre County Crimestoppers toll-free at (877) 992-7463.