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Name: Brenda Louise (Maiden Name: Coon) Condon

Address: 1959 Harvest Circle, State College, PA
Race: White

DOB:  March 1, 1962
Age at Disappearance: 28 (a couple days from 29)

Age as of March 1, 2012:  50
Height: 5'3 1/2"
Weight: 110 +/-
Hair: Reddish-Brown
Eyes: Light Blue/Green with contacts
Additional: Contact lenses, tattoo of a rose ring, right ankle

Additional: Went to Clearfield Area High School, Clearfield, PA: Class of 1980 (Brenda Coon)

NCIC: M-064884466

PA State Police Incident Number: G07-0669110

NamUs MP Number:  2902

Marital Status:  Divorced, was living with boyfriend of two years, Greg Palazzari, also of 1959 Harvest Circle.

Last Seen: February 27, 1991 at her place of employment at Carl's Bad Tavern (owned by Carl Easterling) located along State Route 550 approximately two miles north of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania near Interstate 80 (Spring Township in Centre County).

Condon was employed as a bartender and was last seen by a patron at the bar on February 27, 1991 between 12:45 and 1:15 AM (by various accounts) . The bar was discovered unlocked later the same day by employees reporting for work. Condon's vehicle, a gray 1986 Mercury Capri (similar to
this one) was in the parking area and the bar appeared undisturbed.  There were no obvious signs of a struggle in the bar and no evidence of any other crime was detected during the investigation. An extensive search of the area for Condon and numerous interviews were conducted, but as of the date, she has not been located.  

Condon is the mother of two children (Shawna & Todd Condon, 10 & 12 years old at the time). In addition to being involved in her children's lives, Brenda Condon ran two arms of a cleaning-service franchise, one in Williamsport and one in State College. Only a few months before she disappeared, she moved from Williamsport to State College to be closer to the homes she cleaned and to be closer to her children.
Condon was reported missing to police the evening of Feb. 27, but the search did not begin until March 2. Condon was scheduled to pick up her two children in Clearfield, where she is originally from, on March 2 for visitation. When she failed to arrive, police began the search.

Physical Evidence: Condon's cowboy boots were found by investigators in the men's restroom of the bar, undisturbed.   It is unknown if this occurrence is related to her disappearance.

These composites are of men who were allegedly at the bar on the night of Brenda's disappearance. Police have not been able to identify these individuals, who are wanted for questioning.

Unidentified Patron #1

White male. He was approximately 38 - 40 years old in 1991 and was approximately 6'2 tall. He was wearing a bright blue down jacket and jeans.

Unidentified Patron #2

White male who was approximately 25 - 30 years old. He was approximately 5'8 and was wearing a black leather coat; white button-down shirt; and jeans.

Unidentified Patron #3

White male who was approximately 50 years old and 5'8. He was wearing a short dark jacket; dark slacks; and a brown plaid shirt.


  Pennsylvania State Police Public Information Release Report regarding the Brenda Condon Case